Engineered Solution

This custom order required a BSF custom designed adaptor plate.

Goal: Connect a Young Powertech YMRS-50-H2-A-S-B hydraulic motor to a Conedrive S09 gearbox.

Factors: The Conedrive S09 gearbox comes with a wide array of standard adaptor plates designed to fit servomotors only. The problem was that our customer wanted to connect a Young Powertech hydraulic motor to this Conedrive gearbox.

How did we do it? We engineered and designed this BSF Adaptor Plate based on our existing design practices along with SolidWorks Premium. We also have the ability to perform a stress analysis to ensure that this design would not fail in the field.

Engineered Solution

Component 1 : Young Powertech YMRS-50-H2-A-S-B Hydraulic Motor - Manufacturer Website Link

Component 2 : Conedrive S09 Gearbox - Manufacturer Website Link

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