Engineered Solution

Goal: Design a BSF Adaptor to mount that would mount to a vertical wall while minimizing the motor and pump noise vibration transferring into the wall structure.

How we did it: We started off by designing one of our style “A” vertical mount adaptors to fit a Weg IEC 250M B5 metric motor connecting to a Rexroth AA10VSO 71 pump with a Magnaloy shaft coupling. Then we designed a Foot Bracket, which in conjunction with Lovejoy’s Dampening Ring and our standard vertical mount adaptor would become the solution for our customer. We designed this package based on our existing design practices along with SolidWorks Premium we were able to perform a stress analysis to ensure that this design would not fail in the field.

Engineered Solution

Component 1 : WEG IEC 250M B5 metric motor - Manufacturer Website Link

Component 2 : Rexroth AA10VSO 71 pump - Manufacturer Website Link

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