Engineered Solution

Goal: Connect a Rexroth MSK071 Servo Motor to a Rexroth A10FZG 06-10 Series 10 Pump, coupled with a KTR Rotex 24 series shaft coupling.

Factors: Neither of these components have support feet, so our Bolt on Base Adaptor will allow you to connect a motor and pump while supporting them.

How we did it: We engineered and designed a BSF Bolt on Base Adaptor to accommodate these two components. We used our existing design practices along with SolidWorks Premium. We also have the ability to perform a stress analysis to ensure that this design would not fail in the field.

Engineered Solution

Component 1 : Rexroth MSK071 Servo Motor - Manufacturer Website Link

Component 2 : Rexroth A10FZG 06-10 Series 10 Pump - Manufacturer Website Link

Component 3 : KTR Rotex 24-series Shaft Coupling - Manufacturer Website Link

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