BSF Bolt-on Base Adaptor Assemblies allow the adaptor to help support both the weight of the pump and motor. The overhanging load of the pump is not imposed on the motor flange.

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BSF C-Face Adaptors are the most common adaptors for horizontal and vertical installations.  These adaptors are designed to accomodate NEMA C face motors and virtually any other component (pump, hydraulic motor, gearbox, actuator, etc.).
  • Sturdy welded STEEL construction
  • Pump to Pump applications (hydraulic motors to hydraulic pumps)
  • Footless motor installations, including Electric, Hydraulic, and Servo
  • Applications where a large pump is driven by a relatively small motor such as in low pressure-high volume fluid transfer applications
  • Applications that require the removal or replacement of the electric motor without disturbing the hydraulic pump or piping
  • Multiple tandem pumps
  • Heavy duty motors
  • Excessive overhung loads (Please note that if you have concerns regarding the length or weight of your application, you may need to consider additional supports under your components.)
  • Bolt-on Base Design - In BSF's standard style, the base utilizes one or two bolts (depending on the length of the application) to attach the base to the body of the adaptor. Standard style shown.
  • Weld-on Base Design - In this style, the base is welded directly to the body of the adaptor instead of the base being bolted to the adaptor.
  • Heavy-Duty Base Design - In this style, the base extends up the sides of the adaptor body and bolts either directly to the pipe or to attached gussets.
  • Custom Design - BSF has the versatility to provide custom designed adaptor and base assemblies to help our customers with their mounting needs. Some of the custom designs include Extended Base assemblies, Limited Face-to-Face assemblies, Wall-Mounted assemblies, Dual Base assemblies and Block assemblies.
  • Available with paint options (Standard Red ~ or ~ Grey, Yellow, Black or Gloss Black)
  • Custom size access hole(s)
  • Customized bases
  • Custom centerline heights
More Info
  • The BSF Bolt-On Base Assembly includes the BSF Adaptor, the Bolt-On Base, and the hardware that bolts the base to the adaptor.
  • Standard Material: ASTM A53 Grade B ERW pipe and ASTM Grade A36 steel plate for end flanges
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